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Academic Internships/Resources

posted Jul 24, 2011 00:19:45 by Hub15
Information on various academic opportunities and where to go for further instruction.
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Hub15 said Jul 24, 2011 00:52:53
Cody Dean
‎-Tips of the Day-

We are really fortunate to have incredible resources on campus for additional (and often more specific) advising for a range of topics. I have tried to briefly outline a few of the ones that come to my mind immediately, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

1)Office of Career Services (OCS) - These people literally do it all! They will sit down with you to build or review your resume. They can help you find an internship during the year or even for the January term. (I went to Saudi Arabia last year during j-term and worked at a graduate university as a coordinator for a huge month long enrichment program) They help you find a job when you graduate or tell you what steps to take for any range of graduate schools. They host endless open houses, talks with professionals and distinguished people from around the globe, and are available year round for walk in or appointment advising.

2)Bureau of Study Council (BSC) - Also incredibly helpful, these folks host the famous speed reading class each semester ($25. Financial aid will pay for it if you receive aid.)
If ever you find that you are having trouble with a class, They also have tutoring available for any class (for a fee/free with fin. aid.) and have a wealth of study strategies info in their library. They host time management workshops, symposia, talks, etc throughout the year too.

3)Office of International Programs (OIP) - Often confused with the IOP (Institute of Politics), this office is all about helping you go abroad and having Harvard pay for it. I am writing this for you all from my apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I am spending the summer with a group of Harvard students and 3 professors to gain spanish fluency. Harvard paid for this! PLEASE seek out these people! The OIP is responsible for the famous David Rockefeller International Experience grant that gives people grants to go abroad for a "significant international experience" for more than 8 weeks. I received $6,000 from this with an easy application that didn't even require an interview. They also control the Weismann fellowship and have a HUGE library of international opportunities both online and in print in their office on Dunster St. Check out their funding database and see how many opportunities there are! They list both term-time and summer programs.

4)The Writing Center - Located in the Barker Center near all the freshman dorms, you can take any paper that you have a draft of for someone to sit down and read it and make suggestions to improve it. They will not write anything for you or do any work (obviously), but they often have great suggestions from a different perspective. You can go online and reserve a larger amount of time or just show up to sit down for 15 minutes with someone. This is a great resource as you write your first expos papers and as it gets close to time for your first round of mid-term papers! There is no charge for their service.

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Hub15 said Jul 27, 2011 22:33:49
Research and the Library: getting the help you need to get you started.

Harvard has an overwhelming library system and we have full access!

If you don't know where to get started on research, they have MANY people in every library whose sole job it is to help you. Every time I go to the libraries, they are sitting at their desk waiting for someone, anyone, to ask them for help. Grad students take advantage of this, but undergrads often overlook it. These people will literally make you a list of sources and pull them for you.

Also, if you don't want to physically go to the library, we have a system called Scan & Deliver in which you tell them the call number and pages in an online form via Hollis and they will literally scan the pages and email them to you in a .pdf file. This goes for things in the depository, on the shelves in any library, and obviously online resources.

That 3rd expos research paper is going to be MUCH MUCH MUCH easier if you use these people! Make sure you take half an hour and get lost in the stacks of Widener. It is quite overwhelming and you can put your hands on books (some of what are 1-3 hundred years old) in any language imaginable.
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