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Public Service Opportunities

posted Jul 24, 2011 00:13:19 by Hub15
Tips that will steer you in the right direction if you wish to participate in community service.

PBHA Guide to Campus Projects by Category:
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Hub15 said Jul 24, 2011 00:51:56
Philip's Brooks House Association and PBHA Guide Bluesheets

Cody Dean
‎-Tips of the Day-

Looking at getting involved with public service on campus? Want to make a difference in the Cambridge/Boston communities and have a chance to escape the Harvard bubble (you will see what this means soon)? The Philips Brooks House Association (PBHA) is the umbrella organization for community service and volunteerism on campus. They have a nice building in the yard near the science center and Stoughton Hall (the best freshman dorm which may or may not have been my own last year) Students run 86 completely different programs in the greater Boston area and receive funding to implement their program. These programs encompass women's issues, children's programs, tutoring, small claims advising, environmental action, language skills/immigration, to name but a few. Check out their fresh looking website for a full listing and more information!

Bluesheets Guide to Local Projects:

Phillips Brooks House Association
Students and communities partnering for social change!

July 16 at 7:31pm
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