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Community Spaces and Events

posted Jul 24, 2011 00:28:35 by Hub15
Insight from Upperclassmen on practical and recreational experiences.
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Hub15 said Jul 24, 2011 00:45:55
Practical Spaces and Events on Campus

STAHR/Science Center Roof Access: The Student Astronomers of Harvard-Radcliffe (STAHR) operate the Loomis-Michael observatory and telescope on the 10th floor of the science center. Housed under a huge dome on the top of the building, I highly suggest you try your hand at some astrophotography! I am by no means an astrophysics concentrator (Quite the opposite: I am gov) and I love it! You can take a 1 hour class (free) and be certified to use the telescope by yourself. This also gets you ID card swipe access to the *sweet* roof deck with one of the best views of Cambridge/Boston and the square that you will find on campus. It is also a pretty chilled place to hang out to clear your mind. (or maybe to woo a special someone with the awesome view at night from the roof deck???)

Habitat for Humanity Stuff Sale: You should have info about this (if not, you will soon), but each year habitat hosts a stuff sale on the grass between the yard and the science center. You can pick up fridges, futons, microwaves, rugs, hangers,fans,books, and basically just about anything you can think of for your dorm. It is all used but in working order. Dorm Crew takes the stuff that seniors and other students leave in their dorms when they leave campus in the fall and stores it to resale at the stuff sale in the fall. It is usually decently priced and always cheaper than buying new. Great way to help habitat and stock up with cheap gear for your room! 

FDO Kitchen Supplies/Movie Library: The Freshman Dean's Office (FDO) has pots, pans, kitchen appliances, etc that you can check out for free for up to 3 days at a time to cook a special meal or host an event with food. You can use any of the common rooms to cook. They also have a DVD library that you can check stuff out from. It is not incredibly updated, but you can find some cool stuff to watch/procrastinate when you run out of random things to type into YouTube. No charges for either program.

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Hub15 said Jul 27, 2011 22:44:57
Study Retreats

The libraries can get really crowded during midterms and finals. I found this list to be incredibly helpful when I was looking for a place that was open and off the beaten path to study in peace. Lamont Café is not the place to study! (However, if procrastination is on your mind, then have at it!

Here is a list copied from an article in the Harvard Gazette a few years back:

a) The Science Center roof 3 Quiet contemplation is easier with some of the best views of Harvard Yard. Even if you don·t care one hoot for astronomy (though you should), go to a STAHR (Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe) telescope class 3 it·s only a couple of hours. A class sticker for your ID will get you access to the Science Center roof. You never have to look through the telescope again. Just watch the mad ants dashing around below you in Harvard Yard.

b) The Pusey  ́gutterμ 3 No time to hike to the top of the Science Center? The ivy-draped brick  ́gutterμ around the underground Pusey Library is right in the Yard. A set of steps between Loeb House and Pusey gets you to a hidden, alleylike walkway.

c) The Widener walls 3 Widener Library is rimmed with a wide ledge, perfect for sitting on. Landscaping shields a lot of the ledge from the Yard. Gardens around Lamont 3 Between Lamont Library and Mass Ave. is a hidden garden. Go through the gate between Lamont and Wigglesworth Hall. And though not hidden, the landscaping between Loeb House and Quincy Street makes for a pleasant refuge. Few people venture through this garden since it isn·t on the way to much.

d) The VES film library 3 Most people don·t realize that Sever Hall has more than three floors. Take the back stairs up from the

 third floor and you will find a hidden oasis 2 part of the Visual and Environmental Studies Department. Sever·s modern-looking fourth and fifth floors include the film library: plenty of fun titles, and not just artsy stuff.

e) The Winter Garden 3 Maybe the ultimate place for respite is the winter garden in the Knafel Building on Cambridge Street. Walk through a computer lab in the basement and you·re in a Zen garden. Recline on one of the wall sofas, watch the clouds drift past in a big skylight, and listen to a waterfall bubble from within planted greenery.

It's hard to find time and space to slow down in a stimulating environment like Harvard. But a few sacred places make it easier. Go to one of them, take a deep breath, and refresh. You'll be better for it.
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