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The FDO and the SIP Fund

posted Jul 24, 2011 00:06:57 by Hub15
Using the Freshman Dean's Office for all your needs, including participating in and planning fun events.
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Hub15 said Jul 24, 2011 00:50:08
Cody Dean
‎-Tips of the Day -

As I am sure you know, the Freshman Dean's Office is responsible for you during your first year.

Dean Dingman is the, really.

Go to the tapas parties at his house! He and his wife open their own house several times each year for cooking demos, talks, and other events. He is the funniest administrator I have ever known and his leprechaun-esqueness is undeniably amazing.

Also through the Freshman Dean's office, you can receive money to plan events of your own. The Student Initiated Program fund is open to all freshman and you can do basically whatever you want. You come up with a plan, tell them what you want to do, and they help you make it happen. Last year, I hosted a Chai Tea Latte party/chill time in Holworthy Common Room (sick kitchen, check it out). Other examples include taco/italian nights, dorm dances, slam poetry with refreshments, hacking challenge or lan party, picnics in the yard, trips to places in Boston (Do I hear anyone up for a dim sum run in Chinatown or an excursion to Mike's Pastry in the north end for cannoli??). Anything from a visit to a show/museum to a tour of the Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant is cool. (Seriously....I want a tour! That place is incredible! Look it up!)

Email Katie Steele in the FDO to get the form once you are on campus. (Or stop by, they like visitors!)

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