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Random Odds and Ends: Student Life

posted Jul 27, 2011 18:40:40 by Hub15
Important information on just about any topic to make the transition into Harvard living an easier experience.
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Hub15 said Jul 27, 2011 18:41:10
WiFi basics

The WiFi tends to be either really great or really horrid. In the dorms, you will not have a problem. Our network is being upgraded again with the focus being on expanding outdoor WiFi connectivity. You can get WiFi in just about any public place. There is free WiFi in the main area of Harvard Square too. The wired speeds in the dorms range from 10 to 100 Mbps, however only the areas with the newest grey cisco routers will see speeds over 10 Mbps via WiFi. (Which should be just about everywhere.) This is much faster than most people have ever used. My suggestion: use wifi for just about everything and wired for anything huge. Both are fast, but you will be done quite quickly if you go wired for big transfers. Things to note: Some buildings have notoriously horrible connections. Sever Hall is horrible and some lecture halls can get spotty when hundred(s) of people are jamming the router with AngryBirds. ;)

Keep checking back for more tips to keep you well informed!
Hub15 said Jul 27, 2011 22:09:12
Making the most of J-term

J-term is the period we have off. The optional winter activities period or whatever they have decided to name it (The dean of the college proposed OJ term [for] and the board laughed at her) is only one week with activities. They will post a list of activities ahead of time so I would just see if anything interests you. It can be boring to be home for a long time, so it might be cool. I went abroad for the entire break so I can't speak for how it is. I read that there were some cool restaurant hopping tours and some cool volunteering stuff in Boston/Cambridge. Lots of groups that travel do it during J-term.
Hub15 said Jul 27, 2011 22:10:37
Bikes on campus

I found that having a bike was nice, but definitely optional. I took the subway often, but a ride along the river to see the sunsets and to get some fresh air is awesome. You can ride along the river past MIT and across the Harvard Bridge (which is actually nowhere near Harvard) to Boston's Back bay. It's beautiful and I highly suggest it. I will be going sometime during opening days if anyone wants to come along.
Hub15 said Jul 27, 2011 22:12:41
Dorm history

Once you know your room/suite numbers, take a look and see if anyone famous once lived there!

Dorm layout

Here is a graphical layout of the yard that includes pictures and basic descriptions of your dorms. Stoughton is the best...just gonna throw that out there! Hehe ishin/sergey/galleries/2004/froshdorms/index.htm

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